.NETReactorSlayer is an open source (GPLv3) deobfuscator for Eziriz .NET Reactor.

Features & Commands:

CommandDescriptionDefault Value
 Unpack native stub 
--dec-methodsDecrypt methods that encrypted by Necrobit        True
--dec-callsDecrypt hidden calls        True
--dec-stringsDecrypt strings        True
--dec-rsrcDecrypt assembly resources        True
--dec-tokensDecrypt tokens        True
--dec-boolsDecrypt booleans        True
--deob-cflowDeobfuscate control flow        True
--dump-asmDump embedded assemblies        True
--dump-costuraDump assemblies that embedded by Costura.Fody        True
--inline-methodsInline short methods        True
--rem-antisRemove anti tamper & anti debugger        True
--rem-snRemove strong name removal protection        True
--rem-callsRemove calls to obfuscator methods        True
--rem-junksRemove junk types, methods, fields, etc…        True
--keep-typesKeep obfuscator types, methods, fields, etc…       False
--preserve-allPreserve all metadata tokens       False
--keep-max-stackKeep old max stack value       False
--no-pauseClose CLI immediately after deobfuscation       False
--verboseVerbose mode       False


Just drag and drop target obfuscated assembly on it.

Known Issues:

  • If target assembly not working after deobfuscation try using --preserve-all and/or --keep-max-stack command(s).

  • Since .NETReactorSlayer does not yet have the ability to de-virtualize virtualized functions, if the target protected assembly contains virtualized functions, .NETReactorSlayer may fail to de-obfuscate some protections such as string encryption and control flow.

➡️Click to see few example of comparing virtualized functions with normal functions |



Want to contribute to this project? Feel free to open a pull request.


.NETReactorSlayer is licensed under GPLv3.


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