Inflator is a Reaver Command Generator, create by Fast Light User-Interface Designer FLUID.

About Reaver : reaver-wps || sviehb || sviehb-pdf || devttys0 || reaver-wps-fork-t6x


2018-02-27 Inflator-1.3

* Changed from "wash -o" to "wash >" in the ScanAP() function, Thanks to rofl0r.

2018-02-26 Inflator-1.2

* Fixed a bug in the ScanAP() function.

2018-02-25 Inflator-1.1

* Open source; Support Reaver 1.63; Fixed some bugs.

2012-01-21 Inflator-1.0

* Tip: The first version, build for Reaver v1.4, it can directly run in BackTrack 5 R1-Gnome-32bit with Reaver-1.4.

Build steps:

apt-get install fluid   
git clone;cd inflator
fluid -c inflator.fl  
fltk-config --compile inflator.cxx  
cp inflator /usr/bin/inflator

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