FeedingBottle is a Aircrack-ng GUI, create by Fast Light User-Interface Designer FLUID.

About Aircrack-ng


2018-02-26 FeedingBottle-3.38
- Fixed some bugs in the ScanAP(), APBrower(), RefreshClientList() functions.

2018-02-24 FeedingBottle-3.37
- Rewrite the option "airmon-ng check kill".

2018-02-23 FeedingBottle-3.36
- Move the option "airmon-ng check kill" to startup.

2018-02-23 FeedingBottle-3.35
- Added optional: "airmon-ng check kill".

2018-02-19 FeedingBottle-3.34
- Rewrite ScanAP(),RefreshClientList() functions.

2018-02-17 FeedingBottle-3.33
- Fixed a bug: The BSSID and ESSID is incorrectly described in "APs Information".

2018-02-16 FeedingBottle-3.32
- Fixed a bug: Unable to get information for multiple wireless devices.

2018-02-14 FeedingBottle-3.31
- Fixed a bug: Abnormal exit has occurred while the wireless device is in use. Thanks to kimocoder.

2018-02-11 FeedingBottle-3.3
- Open source;Support Aircrack-ng 1.2 rc4;Remove force fake authentication function and fixed some bug

2012-03-12 FeedingBottle-3.2.3
- Fixed a bug where SSIDs containing 32 characters caused a crash

2012-03-03 FeedingBottle-3.2.2
- Generate *.hccap file directly when get handshake packets (Hashcat1.0 project file)
- Call xterm as default

2011-08-14 FeedingBottle-3.2.1
- Fixed the bug that can not run the program using right click menu on desktop(Tiny Core Linux)

2011-02-27 FeedingBottle-3.2
- Generate *.wkp file directly when get handshake packets (EWSA3.x project file)

2010-05-20 FeedingBottle-3.1
- Added advanced GUI for WPA mode;added OPN mode support;for legitimate client analyzing,capture packet for 6 seconds after getting WPA handshake packet in order to detect whether there is a Deauthentication Packet

2010-02-12 FeedingBottle-3.0 Final
- Optimized code and fixed some bug

2010-01-22 FeedingBottle-3.0 RC3
- Added force fake authentication function--try this when fake authentication(aireplay-ng -1) fail;display the schedule of buliding XOR file when using chopchop(-4) attack;changed the cursor's color of "Attack Command";added "Ignore The Error Item of AP" option in get AP list interface(ex.:133CH);changed the font of AP/Client list to monospaced font

2009-12-24 FeedingBottle-3.0 RC2
- More compatible,support bt3-final,auto close aircrack-ng when FeedingBottle exits,default AP scanning time changed from 15s to 30s,display error information when fail to get AP list

2009-11-30 FeedingBottle-3.0 RC1
1.Added an advanced GUI,as a command bulider,auto create command for Aircrack-ng and get the output information(1,WEP only;2,support command modify;3.Autorun button for aotu execute the default command which is built)
2.Display detailed information when scanning AP;AP scanning time options:5s/15s/30s/1m/5m/15m

2009-11-15 FeedingBottle-2.0 RC2.1
- Updated FeedingBottle to 2.0 RC2.1:more compatible,added aterm for supporting bt4-pre-final;changed default time of AP scanning from 10s to 15s;changed the color of aterm window;fixed the bug occurred when obtain the XOR file's name of -4/-5 attack;fixed the bug occurred when click the blank area of "APs Information" some odd client information display;added optional 14 channels support;show character of WEP key when it is ASCII;Updated GUI;fixed the bug that the client list,which display on "Clients Information" area,can't be clear during AP scanning

2009-10-30 FeedingBottle-2.0 RC2
- Added WPA/WPA2 support,providing a simple password.lst;fixed the overflow bug when obtained some odd PWR values

2009-10-17 FeedingBottle-2.0 RC1

2009-09-23 FeedingBottle-1.0 RC2.1
- Added optional AP's scanning time support,improved part of code

2009-09-16 FeedingBottle-1.0 RC2
- Added deauth(-0),fakeauth(-1) and interactive(-2) support,improved part of code

- The first version

Build steps:

apt-get install fluid   
git clone https://github.com/ChunshengZhao/feedingbottle;cd feedingbottle
fluid -c feedingbottle.fl
fltk-config --compile feedingbottle.cxx
cp feedingbottle /usr/bin/feedingbottle

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