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DeathStar is a Python script that uses Empire’s RESTful API to automate gaining Domain Admin rights in Active Directory environments using a variety of techniques.


Thanks @DanHMcInerney for the insane amount of suffering you’ve went through to fix this

How does it work?

See the accompanying blog post here


  • First grab, install and run Empire:

git clone
cd Empire/setup && ./ && cd ..
# Start the Empire console and RESTful API
python empire --rest --username empireadmin --password Password123

  • Then grab, setup and run DeathStar:
git clone
# Death Star is written in Python3
pip3 install -r requirements.txt


  1. Run DeathStar
  2. Get an Empire Agent on a box connected to a Domain
  3. Go grab a coffee/tea/redbull, DeathStar will take care of everything else ;)

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