Microsoft Office RCE Vulnerability aka Follina - CVE-2022-30190

At the end of May, researchers from the nao_sec team reported a new zero-day vulnerability in Microsoft Support Diagnostic Tool (MSDT) that can be exploited using Microsoft Office documents. It allowed attackers to remotely execute code on Windows systems, while the victim could not even open the document containing the exploit, or open it in Protected Mode. The vulnerability, which the researchers dubbed Follina, later received the identifier CVE-2022-30190.

CVE-2022-30190 technical details

Briefly, the exploitation of the CVE-2022-30190 vulnerability can be described as follows. The attacker creates an MS Office document with a link to an external malicious OLE object (word/_rels/document.xml.rels), such as an HTML file located on a remote server. The data used to describe the link is placed in the tag with attributes Type=””, Target=”http_malicious_link!”. The link in the Target attribute points to the above-mentioned HTML file, inside which a malicious script is written using a special URI scheme.

When opened, the attacker-created document runs MSDT. The attacker can then pass, through a set of parameters, any command to this tool for execution on the victim’s system with the privileges of the user who opened the document. What is more, the command can be passed even if the document is opened in Protected Mode and macros are disabled.
At the time of posting, two document formats were known to allow CVE-2022-30190 exploitation: Microsoft Word (.docx) and Rich Text Format (.rtf). The latter is more dangerous for the potential victim because it allows execution of a malicious command even without opening the document — just previewing it in Windows Explorer is enough.

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